Planned guests’ arrival time (Music to start 15 minutes prior)

Expected number of guests

Will the receiving line be at the reception (Greet all guests)?

Will guests be allowed to eat before your arrival?

Desired background music.

Will there be wedding party introductions?

Who will be introduced?

Bridesmaids and groomsmen intro as group?

Wedding Party (Song/Artist)

Wedding Couple (Song/Artist)

Bride’s Parents’ Names

Groom’s Parents’ Names

Flower Girl

Ring Bearer

Special Guests

Bridesmaids (one per line)

Groomsmen (one per line)

Maid/Matron of Honor

Best Man

Wedding Couple

Wedding Couple First Dance

When will first dance take place?

First Dance (Song/Artist)

When will dances take place?

Father/Daughter Dance


Mother/Son Dance


Combined parents’ dance

Invite all fathers/daughters & mothers/sons to the dance floor

When will the meal take place?

Will there be a blessing? If yes, their name

Will the meal be buffet, full-course, appetizers, or cake only?

Will tables be guided to the food line?

Meal background music. Trendy Jazz, Yacht Rock, EDM Vibes, Acoustic Covers, Top 40, Contemporary R&B, Upbeat Country, Mix, Other)


When will the toast take place?

If yes, will special beverages be served?

If yes, who will be offering a toast?

When do you plan to cut the cake?

Announce with music?

Low key with little attention



Icebreakers and group dances?

Anniversary Dance?


Money Dance


Bouquet Toss

When will the bouquet toss take place?


Garter Removal


Garter Toss


Garter Placement


Last Dance


Private Last Dance (only wedding couple in the room)




Departure Effects

Reception end time

Age range of guests

What genres of music do you and your guests prefer to dance to?

What genres of music do you prefer not be played at the reception?

What is the estimated age range of your guests?

The Terms and Conditions for Events were agreed: August 10, 2023 8:53 pm

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